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Pachamama (Mother Earth) guides the Quechua people in their search for fertile lands. This Andean goddess brings prosperity to the families of those who profoundly worship her, and Pachamama paints the landscape with the fruits of their numerous crops.

Lead your people to uncharted territories in search of new lands to farm. You seek to explore these regions, to trace their contours, and to develop agriculture there according to the customs and legends of Pachamama. If you honor her by respecting her core principles of diversity and separation, Nature will reward you. If not, you will suffer her ire. Deduction and a good sense of “timing” should help you succeed…

1-4 players
Ages 14+
60 minute play time

62 Terrain tiles
16 Diversity pawns
1 Diversity board
20 Offering tokens
20 Scenario discs
20 Qechua meeples
2 Otoma meeples
1 Pachamama wheel
1 plastic axle
64 stickers
4 screens
1 gameboard
57 Crop tiles
4 Score Marker pawns
1 Rulebook