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What we buy!

The Nerd Mall buys action figures, board games, trading cards, video games, comics, and more every day!  Each year we buy 10s of thousands of items from customers.  

We are always asked what we buy, simple answer is almost everything.  We buy items in box sealed and opened, loose, and graded and in most conditions as long as it is not damaged or broken.  Here is a quick guide below as to what we typically buy.

Action Figures, Playsets, Accessories

  • 60s-Present toys, almost all types
  • Funko POPs
  • (No Hess Trucks, Sorry)

    Board Games

    • Traditional and Euro Games
    • Collectible Card Games (Pokémon, Magic, etc.)
    • Dungeons & Dragons

    Trading Cards

    • All sports and non-sports sets, boxes, packs, and bulk

    Video Games

    • Atari to Current Generation Systems, Games, and Accessories


    • All


    • Trains
    • RC Cars
    • Sealed Model Kits (Gundam, Cars, Military, etc.)