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One-12 Collective Space Ghost

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Intergalactic crime fighter Space Ghost patrols the known galaxies in his ship, the Phantom Cruiser. Using the powerbands on his wrists, Space Ghost deploys magna rays, destroyer rays, freeze rays, and can even produce a force-field ray depending on what combinations of buttons he presses. The One:12 Collective Space Ghost includes each of these rays as meticulously crafted accessories that attach to Space Ghost's hands to create dynamic action poses. Featuring over 32 points of articulation, an alternate head, interchangeable hands (fists, flying, button-pressing and posing), intricate sculptural work, incredible costume detailing (with sculpted accents, including cowl collar, belt, gloves, powerbands and fabric cape with integrated posing wire), force/freeze/destroyer/magna ray effect accessories and more, the final product creates an iconic classic vision with a "real world" look. Space Ghost comes with his trusted companion, Blip the monkey, who features an exceptionally realistic sculpt and has over 10 points of articulation.