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Articulated Icons Clan of the Midnight Whisper 6IN AF

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From Fwoosh. Before the betrayals, before the assassination, before the fracturing and the Ninja wars, there was a single ninja clan. The monolithic Clan of the Midnight Whisper spread a fearsome shadow across the feudal lands. Dark stories were told over shaking cups of sake of encounters with the clan, but there was little truth to these stories. In fact, if you happened to be unlucky enough to see one of these black clad warriors, the odds were that you would not live long enough to tell the tale. This plastic, 6" scale figure comes with multiple points of articulation, katana and wakazashi with sheathes, multiple heads (hood up/down, kunai, balaclava head, zukin head), a torso strap, and interchangeable hands (grip, fist, chop).