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Pre-Release Order (Pre-Order)

Pre-Release Orders

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 there are manufacturing delays on certain items.  If you are not able to wait, please do not order. 

A Pre-Release Order (or Pre-Order) is an item being solicited for sale prior to its official release by the manufacturer, and dates are subject to change. 

If you have not purchased a Pre-Release Order item in the past, please understand that there is a waiting period from the time of purchase to the item's official release.  We offer Pre-Release Orders to allow buyers and collectors to reserve the item(s) well in advance of reaching stores.

We send monthly emails to our customer base updating them on the pre-release order status, and when they are being shipping from the manufacturer to our location.


As soon as we receive the item, it will ship the next business day. 


Sales are final for pre-orders, please let us know if you have any questions before purchasing.