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The greatest leapers of the animal kingdom have gathered for a jumping competition, but nobody brought lunch! You need to launch to get your meal and grab the food that you like the most. Use special powers that are unique to each animal to help along the way.

Launchtime is card-flipping family dexterity game for 2 players of almost all ages, and plays in 15 minutes just about anywhere that you can fling a few cards around. Each player has a rabbit, kangaroo, flea and frog card. Using your reference card you flip your animal cards onto cards in the center of the table that have different food highlighted (targeted), you want your animal to land on cards that highlights the food your animal eats. You take the card as a reward AND if your animal and its food match, you gain bonus points. As an added twist, if your animal cards land face up to gain special abilities that are unique to the animal.